A) NSU has overall better musicians. It's a music school. They have a lot more performance and music majors. NSU is to Music as Tech is to engineering. It's easier to recruit serious musicians there vs Tech. It's a little harder for Tech but it's achievable to find good musicians even good non-music majors. I've played with some non-music majors at Tech who could outplay some of the states best. Continuing to recruit Texas is key.
B) Tech can be much louder if we can increase 35 more brass members. 10 Tbones, 10 trumpets, 5 melos, 5 tubas, 5 btones. (15 University provided horns of tuba, melo, btones). I think a university our size should have a band around 230-250.
C) I like the bands growth. We are on the right track.