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We sat down low close to the field because I can't do steps very well. I looked for you but realized I don't know what you look like.

Anyway, my daughters are not good sports and you might have been better off not meeting them during that particular game.
I'm sure they wouldn't have bothered me. As for what I look like, I have a full head of brown and grey hair. In other words I looked like most of the other male Tech fans at the game.

Graduated in '68, saw the first game at the Joe, and once got offered some popcorn by a guest of Dr. Jarrell's at a home game to get me to quiet down. Don't remember if it worked. A friend of mine had season tickets just behind Dr. Jarrell.

My buddy, who absolutely loved the bulldogs passed away a couple of years ago, sure miss him! We used to love to talk Tech football.