I heard last week the Eagles would be performing at the Grand Ole Opry on October 29th. As I understand, the event is sponsored by SiriusXM and will feature a lineup of Don Henley, Timothy B Schmidt, Joe Walsh, and Glen Frey's son Deacon standing in. And somehow Vince Gill is going to be involved, which hints the whole thing could take a nasty country and western spin. My preferred lineup would have include Randy Meisner with Jackson Browne standing in for Glenn Frey. The Eagles were never what I believed to be the best, and certainly not the most original - but anyone who grew up during the seventies certainly knows their music. And way later in 2000 or so, when they got back together for a tour and made a stop in Bossier City, I got to take my wife, who grew up about a decade later than I, to see them. She speaks of that as us going to a "real" rock concert together (I just smile). I have a bumper sticker that says, "I may be old but I got to see real bands in concert". I think I even gave one of those stickers to DogtorEvil.