This year I have started a small scholarship to be awarded to students in Frisco ISD that are going to attend Tech as an incoming freshman. Its nothing major right now, just enough to knock out books their first quarter etc. I named it in honor of my father (also a Tech grad and still alive, this confused the hell out of the education foundation- apparently no one names scholarships after living people).

I would love to grow the number of scholarships, the amount, or the districts that I can set these up in around the north DFW area. However, as my wife and I are teachers, we have very limited amount we can do year from year, my Tech dollars are limited.

All that being said, I have hobby of turning wood and acrylic pens, razors etc...If anyone would be interested please know that anything above and beyond the cost of materials will go to the scholarship fund. You can also just donate as well. I am going to attach a few pictures and if you are interested or simply want to give to a good cause PM.

If not no worries, I know most of us on here just about max out our available funds to tech every year as it is. Here are a couple of examples.