I was asked in a private message to go into a little more depth about our QB struggles.

Others have pointed out the fact that J'Mar hasn't seemed to lead a receiver with a throw since the Mississippi State game. If someone isn't completely wide open he'll wait for his receivers to come back to the football. And at times he'll throw the 50/50 ball.

For me the biggest weakness in that area is our inability to hit open receivers between the hash marks and even within 3 yards of either hash. It had gotten so bad before North Texas that the Mean Green didn't even play a deep safety for the most last week's game. They rolled the free safety within 6 yards of the line of scrimmage. They didn't bother to cover something we don't attempt. A couple of plays we ran receivers on go routes right up the middle of the field. We got separation each time, but J'Mar just wouldn't pull the trigger.

Unless I'm missing an attempt or two over the past month we attempted one pass over the middle last week with the score tied at 17. Powell couldn't hold on to a pass over the middle at the goal line. The only other attempt between the hashes I've seen on film since the South Carolina game was the interception in overtime against USM. We had a wide open receiver, but J'Mar waited and then lofted the pass that the linebacker picked off.

The inability to hit passes over the middle has caused teams to cheat up with both the linebackers and the safeties. Then last week North Texas just did away with the free safety position altogether. There were times they had all 11 players within 6 yards of the line of scrimmage. That puts a lot of pressure on the offensive line.

FAU will play press coverage until we play them out of it. They normally do it with a free safety 12-15 yards deep. I'm anxious to see if they adjust to Tech or do what's worked for them over the past month.