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Bottom line for me is that for a University the size of Tech, the football experience should be much more than it is. Yes, I know the team isn't that good. As in these posts, some blame the coaching, some blame the AD, etc. Likely some or all of that is valid. But when I compare the atmosphere to those of first Texas high school games, and then certainly to those games for the universities in Texas (I am most familiar with Texas A&M since my kids graduated from there), regardless of how good the team is, going to the game and pre-game tailgate is always a wonderful and exciting time. At Aggies games, when the corp band march through the campus, it is lined with people 5-8 deep with excitement as the band comes through. Compare that to the Tech band that was marching to the Pavillion and then when playing, a total of about 10 people stood up and clapped when the fight song was played. During the game, the student side was only about 1/3 full and after the rain delay, it was much less so. Compare that to an Aggie or Longhorn game (not comparing the numbers per se as that wouldn't be fair...... but comparing the student sides to the capacity of the stadium) as neither team isn't that good this year and it is still full. There is excitement in the stands, even if it explodes when the rare touchdown is made (this year anyway). When we sat on the alumni side, few if any would even standup for the fight song much less clap, yell, etc. In fact, most of those around us were watching the Houston Astro playoff game on their phones vs. even paying attention to the game. All in all, it was one of the most disappointing experiences I have had for a while, even more so when I was looking so forward to being back in Ruston.
As I have attended the alumni functions when the coaches from football, basketball, baseball, etc. have spoken, they talk about the teams and the great atmosphere. Sorry, but that was no where to be found for me. Will I make the drive from Houston back to Ruston again? No time soon for sure. Was really hoping for something better for sure.
Paragraphs are your friend.

We have no tradition that actually belongs to us. All grass roots efforts have been killed by our current AD. We can't even get our board op and our band director on the same page and our AD is too uncaring to address the 10 year old problem.