It had been a few years since I visited for a home La Tech football game. We had tickets to the Southern Miss game and was really excited about going and to soak up the atmosphere. How disappointed I was to be there and to see that High School games have more of a atmosphere than at Tech. We got there early for the tailgating and did walk around a bit around the stadium. There were a few festivities but nothing really to brag about. I chalked it up to a late arriving crowd and couldn't wait for the students to come, fill the student section and make the stadium a really bad place for the opposing team. Again, severely disappointed. We sat on the "alumni" side and it was the quietest crowd I have been around in many years. No excitement..... nothing. The student section was about 1/3 filled and they could have cared less as well. The game ended up being delayed due to weather and once play resumed, many of the student side left and there was noticeably a smaller crowd on the alumni side. To be frank, it was embarrassing! What has happened to Tech? We previously had thought about making the trip from Texas back to Ruston for homecoming, etc. but quickly gave up on that idea. So disappointed in the overall experience! is this a product of the team not being that good this year or has the support just eroded over time to a level that competes with Texas high school ball? Not sure I will make the effort to ever come back again. What has happened?