Last year I played with a baseball app called iScore. I liked it but didn't use nearly all the functionality. I'd like to step my game.

Is anyone on the board also using this app? There is a way to build leagues with full rosters and team coaches so my thought is to build out a CUSA league. Apparently it could be shared to any interested users via a "team" website. For hard-core Diamond Dog fans, this might be a pretty cool thing to have on your phone.

At this point I don't have time to address it because I know there's a learning curve and for the next month, I'm wrapped up. So I'm interested in discussing it with anyone that's already figured it out or failing that, might want to collaborate. Drop a post or PM me.

Will miss today but plan to make Sunday if you want to kick it around face to face. I'm at Sec 6, Row H, Seats 13 -9.

Go Dogs!