The times I have been over on the quad on game day I have found it deserted, too, but that's because everyone is over at JAS. The few other campuses I have been on it is the same, depending on where the stadium is. In College Station Kyle Field is closer to central campus and Texas is almost in the middle, so the activity is more "on campus". Kansas State is much like our situation, but even further away, so all the tail gating and activity is further from the main campus. Kansas was kind of on the edge but all of the Frat houses were on the walk from where we parked (BTW you would have thought it was Tech with all the red and blue). Baylor used to be a few miles away so I did not go to campus on game day - we had an alumni event on the river (Brazos). Houston has gotten much better since moving back to campus. My point is that even on game the central part of a lot of other campuses is deserted, not just ours.