Back on my soapbox...

let's say both Curtis and WM run the table, finish unbeaten, Curtis finally, for the first time, since its advent in 5 years wins the Division I title, WM wins the 5A public school title. Okay, yippee! on different nights they both lift a so-called "state championship" trophy. But...wouldn't you want to know what would happen if they played? And how can either actually think, claim, a state title when the other is over there claiming the same thing?

The last state champion team in Louisiana is the Rummel Raiders, of 2012. That's the last time ALL 5A schools played for the same title. Since then...and I include our 2013 Division I title, all so-called state championships are a farce.

That's not to say it is not "an accomplishment." There are lots of quality teams in both sectors and winning in the Dome is not easy. Look at of the best HS programs in Louisiana, an elite powerhouse. Yet, not a single Division I title, yet. WM is the Bama of Louisiana 5A football. Yet! they don't win the state championship every year. There are plenty of VERY, VERY good teams out there all with the same goal....the Dome! That's all true. would mean even more, a LOT more, if there was one tourney for all to compete in.