Dear Coach Holtz,
I'm bored with Tech football. Do something different the next two weeks since we are playing against U of T teams that frankly are just not very good. Start Elliot in QB. Start Allen in QB. Rotate them in and out. Let them flip a coin to see who takes the snap on the next series, I don't care how you do it.

What do you have to lose? The Tech fanbase is already gone for the year. I think the Defense is on the verge of forming a players union. The guys on offense apparently don't like each other. I have even heard their mamas don't like each other.

I had plans last week to call the Tech ticket office and inquire about a package of tickets for a church group coming to the UTEP/Homecoming game. Probably just 8-12, not a lot of tickets but a group that actually has some Tech alumni who have not been to any games in a consistent manner in years. My hope was to get them to a game to enjoy our tailgate and the good gameday atmosphere at Joe Aillet Stadium. After this past Saturday, and honestly the past nine home games stretching back to last year, I'm not going to do that. Not going to waste my time. I'm busy enough.

The QB isn't the only problem on this team, it never is with any football program. From where I and others sit in the south end of the CC section on the west side I know what I saw and it was #10 and #13 standing together on the sideline when UAB scored the final time. They both just hung their heads and looked at the ground for a while. It's demoralizing enough in the stands, i can't imagine what its like to be standing where they are.

I'm sorry #8 is in the situation he is in. He spent a lot of time running for his life this past Saturday but after 19 starts, give him a rest. Give us all a rest and just do something different. This is boring and not fun to watch and it isn't worth the price of admission for me or anyone else.