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Back when I had season tickets and there wasn't a premium on the between the 30s seats I noticed that you save absolutely no money. It was the same per game. If I missed one game I lost on the deal. I could not support an extra fee for between the 30s seats unless they were selling out, which they were and are not. Our AD and the whole athletic department have no concept of supply versus demand. The only seats with a waiting lists were the box seats. I am guessing that might go away soon. They do not care about attendance. I really don't know what they think is important but their own jobs. Let the rich SOB's who support them enjoy their sorry team by themselves in their super suites. Remember they're having a wonderful game day experience. The rest of the stadium will soon be empty.
Yep. It was the same per game or slightly more. I always did it to reserve my good seats and more importantly to support Tech. I assumed the LTAC donation was a precursor to expanding the chairbacks (which I would support). Turns out it was not. I had been on the waiting list for chairbacks for a while and this year finally moved up. I think the tax changes negatively impacted some giving this year. The play on the field isn't helping attendance either.