See that Lance and George Hincapie are doing some kind of radio show/TV show, kind of like Mike & Mike on ESPN, focusing on Le Tour de France, of course. Glad to see Lance kind of back in cycling in some professional capacity. Whatever else you might say about him, he KNOWS cycling!

I thought it was quite a shame when Lance caught so much grief, and was banned, from some cycling events in the wake of the scandal, when his presence actually swelled interest in said events, all of which were fund raisers for charities and causes. Stupid! if you ask me. Okay, think of it as he doing community service as part of his penance for messing up. At one such event, in Austin, he paid an entry fee, $50, just as any cyclist did, to enter an event, a charity fund-raiser. Some idiot connected to the event notified the media upon receiving his mailed-in registration a month prior to the event, and it was spun so negatively, they sent his money back to him saying he was not welcomed. When that made the news, many hundreds of cycling fans asked for their money back too. Talk about cutting off your nose to spite your face! Dumb.

Anyway, glad to see he's back in this capacity at least.