Apathy for Tech football has never been this bad. Why is it so bad and what would you do to fix it?


The home schedule is terrible and is destroying tailgating. We have exactly ZERO good home games this year.

Grambling (2:30 p.m. bonus) - Boring FCS team. I would literally be more interested in playing Ruston High. If that isn't enough, a 2:30 kickoff ensures crappy tailgating and peak temperatures for the crowd. One of two non-conference home games that we could use to bring in an interesting opponent and we go with Grambling?! That is just lazy.

FIU - Don't care. Nobody cares.

UMass - See above. The other non-conference game that is squandered.

USM (2:30 p.m. bonus) - Finally a good home game opponent...with a frigin 2:30 kickoff! Best tailgating opportunity with Fall weather and we cut it short. It is like we are trying to kill off the remaining fan base.

North Texas (3:00 p.m. bonus) - Meh. Another early kickoff.

UTSA (2:30 p.m. bonus) - Meh. Another early kickoff.

That is just a horrible schedule. Sunbelt is looking better and better.


I like Skip, but it is time for a change. The consistent boring is really consistently boring. Crowton had a really fun offense, Bicknell was so bad it was at least somewhat entertaining, Dooley was spicy, and Dykes had another fun offense with the last memorable wins/losses we have had. Manny Diaz is the only thing that REALLY peaked my interest these last few years. Skip's teams are safe, run up the middle on first, decent winning season, low-tier bowls that nobody cares about. I miss epically failing to make the Orange Bowl.