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That is true of intellectual property as well. If a professor writes a paper (article) that is a "How to..." and used a university computer then it belongs to the school. MOST of the time professors do not create a concept, a new idea that has any value in the real world, thus cannot be monetized and therefore no one, including the university, cares. And! universities require their professors to publish as a condition of employment/to garner merit increases, to maintain accreditation, and want professors writing/publishing/researching. BUT if something ever strikes a cord and takes on monetary value, it belongs to the school. UNLESS!!! the professor can prove he/she never used any university equipment, did not write even one sentence on "university time," and never used any university asset and did not require students participate as part of credit for a course.

Many professors who fancy some post-teaching career as a consultant buy their own "everything." Have personal laptops and also own personal services such as survey and research subscriptions. If the university paid those fees any data gathered would belong to the school, not the professor.

Sorry...I know a Dean who has to constantly monitor all this kind of stuff for her faculty.