Begin season 3rd week of March
Tourney begins in early July
Mid-July CWS

Michigan coach Erik Bakich said, “This is about the sustainability and growth of college baseball for the 2022 season and beyond."

“Regardless of geography, playing college baseball in February and early March does not make sense financially, academically and certainly not medically speaking,” he continued. “If college baseball realistically wants to increase scholarships or add another full-time coach at some point in the future, improving our fiscal bottom line is the next step. If we do nothing, we may not like the decisions that will be made for us.”

I think this would be good for college baseball and towns. The first 2 months are currently overshadowed by Basketball and it's sometimes frigid. You get and extra month (June) of fans coming to town to watch games and spend $.

The one downside would be Collegiate Summer Leagues might take a hit, but you could possibly shift those a few weeks. Many don't start until early July anyways. Some leagues might have to shorten their season (Cape Cod league goes from early June to early August).