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It is going forward, MLB now has the Houston Astericks rule. A lot men, at some point in their professional careers or lives, are faced with the dilemma of doing something that while maybe not exactly illegal it is no doubt immoral, the Astericks went beyond the line of immorality. You would admit to that. Stealing a sign while on second base is one thing, what it looks like the Astros did is quite another. And I don't think the Astericks were the only ones to think of this, only they were willing to cross that line or at least get caught (along with the Red Sox). The punishment, still too firm in my opinion, but RM warned all teams before the season the Astericks weren't to be touched.

Speaking of which did you see the action this weekend? The Astericks hitting coach was barking at the A's batter who was upset at getting hit two at bats in a row (three times in the series) and challenged the A's hitter to come after him. The A's batter charged the whole dugout. Of course, the Astericks hitting coach stepped back and let the players decide the matter.

Please don't be upset about the whole Houston Astericks thing. I also type Barry Bonds* and Mark McGwire*. LOL. At least we do not have to endure the whole banging of garbage cans this year.
Hitting coach for the Astericks given 20 games suspension today, 6 for the A's player who went after him. MLB is sending a big message with these suspensions this year.