For any lawyers in the house -- you might be interested in this. I'm talking about what's going on with Lin Wood and Mercer University Law School. I find it fascinating to watch and see how it plays out.

I've been following Lin Wood for some months; first on Twitter (before he was banned), then on Parler (until it was killed by Amazon, Apple & Google), then on CloutHub (slow & clunky), and now on Telegram.

Lin Wood was introduced by Dean Cathy Cox as the first "Legal Legend" at Mercer School of Law in January, 2020, about a year ago.

This was posted by Lin Wood on Telegram on January 22, 2021.

Lin Wood, [22.01.21 18:46]
I learned today that my alma mater Mercer Law School was holding a Zoom conference call with faculty and students to discuss demands that my name be removed from a courtroom in the school. The school named the courtroom for me after I made a $1M donation to the school. I did not seek the recognition. I joined the call unbeknownst to the Dean, Cathy Cox. After she falsely slandered me, including references to my relationship with my children, I spoke up. I spoke truth. Judge for yourself after listening to my remarks.

A recording of the Zoom conference call as well as the actual text messages between Dean Cox and Lin Wood can be found below (compliments of Monica Matthews).