D1 Baseball is listing the teams below on the Bubble as of this morning (if there are no bid stealers then 6 of the list would make the field)

I've added a few notes to the basics for each school.


I think Alabama might have played their way into the field, while Ole Miss probably played their way out of the field.

Iowa, Pitt, and ULL are long shots as at-large participants. Iowa lost this morning and their RPI tanked.

Clemson needs a win over Va Tech tonight in the worst way.

UTSA needs a win over USM in the worst way.

Hard for Penn to get an at-large as Ivy League is the 17th rated conference, and Penn was swept in the championship series by Columbia.


The D1 Bubble as of 5/26.
  • Rutgers 43 RPI, 41-14, 17-7 (T2nd) plays their first game today (losing record against Q1. Just 1-3)
  • Louisiana Tech 45 RPI, 39-18, 20-10 (2nd) – 1-0 in CUSA Tournament (winning record against Q1)
  • Alabama 41 RPI, 31-25, 12-17 (11th) – 2-0 in SEC Tournament (losing record against Q1; just 12-17 in conference but has 4 consecutive wins vs. Q1).
  • Old Dominion 46 RPI, 39-15, 19-11 (T3rd) – 1-0 in CUSA Tournament (winning record against Q1)
  • Ole Miss 39 RPI, 32-22, 14-16 (T8th) – 0-1 in SEC Tournament – Regular season complete (losing record against Q1. Just 8-13. Lost 3 of 4 to end season, including a home series to A&M).
  • Clemson 33 RPI, 35-22, 13-16 (T11th) – 0-1 in ACC Tournament (losing record against Q1; 5-5 in their last 10. Looked terrible against UNC last night)
  • UTSA 48 RPI, 35-19, 19-11 (T3rd) – beat FAU to open tourney (losing record against Q1; but beat USM 2 of 3 on road).
  • Iowa 58 RPI, 32-16, 17-7 (T2nd) – playing their first game now (RPI is now 65; they're gone)
  • San Diego 54 RPI, 33-18, 17-10 (3rd) – 1-0 in WCC Tournament (3rd place team in the 10th rated RPI conference. 7-6 record against Q1 but lost 2 of 3 to Gonzaga at home to end the regular season. Big game tonight against Portland, the 2nd place finisher.)
  • Penn 55 RPI, 17-4 (1st) – Swept in Ivy League Championship Series – Regular season complete (The Ivy league is the 17th rated conference. Losing record against Q1. But beat Texas A&M 2 of 3 in CS).
  • Pittsburgh 65 RPI, 29-26, 13-16 (T11th) – 2-0 in ACC Tournament (losing record against Q1; barely a winning record overall).
  • Louisiana 59 RPI, 33-21, 19-11 (4th) – Opens Sun Belt Tournament Friday (Cajuns just 4-10 against Q1; Sun Belt already has 3 solidly in the field).