[align=center:b5c1bb9d96]Beginning Monday, 11/18/02, the BB&B Recruiting Forum will become a private forum.[/align:b5c1bb9d96]

Due to the sensitive nature of recruiting and the competitive nature of this topic among regional and conference schools, we will now limit access to this forum. Currently, all BB&B registered users are granted access and can read and post in this forum. STARTING MONDAY THAT WILL CEASE!!!

We have created a usergroup named BB&B Inside Dawgs. This is an open group but requires group moderator or BB&B Admin Team approval to actually join. ONLY MEMBERS OF THIS GROUP will be allowed ANY access to this folder!!! The current membership is comprised of the BB&B Admin Team and BB&B Loyalty Donor usergroup membership.

If you wish to continue to have access to Tech Recruiting information, you MUST submit your request to join the usergroup! It is YOUR RESPONSIBILITY to do this!!! Just because we know who you are or have posted here before does not grant you membership!

To submit your membership request, click on the Usergroups link at the top of the page. Under the "Join A Group" title, you will see a pulldown menu. Use this to select BB&B Inside Dawgs. Then click View Information. You will be able to see all the group members on the next page. Click the button "Join Group" to submit your membership request.

In order for your membership to be approved, you must meet the following requirements:

1. Be a registered BB&B user
2. Have a valid e-mail address
3. Provide your real name in your user profile OR PM one of the site administrators your real name. You can find a list of the site administrators in the BB&B Administration Team usergroup.
4. Not have a conflict of interest with La Tech recruiting


BB&B Loyalty Donors will be allowed access to the group as part of their donation to Louisiana Tech Athletics. Before you ask, if you are a Champs donor, but not a Loyalty donor, you may have access. But we have no way to access that information so you must either provide documentation or meet requirements 1-4 above.

Membership approval is a manual process and will not be automatic. You will be notified by e-mail when your membership has been approved.

AGAIN, this policy will take effect on Monday, 11/18/02. If you have any questions or problems joining the group, please contact one of the BB&B Admin Team members.

You will be able to submit your membership request for BB&B Inside Dawgs starting IMMEDIATELY and access to this forum will still be open for questions, posts, comments, etc. until Monday. After that time, an announcement will be made on the main board.

Thank you for your support of Louisiana Tech Athletics!

The BB&B Administration Team