If you like to read about sports or history, I highly recommend a new book -- Playing with the Enemy by Gary W. Moore. It is about Moore's dad, a young prodigy for the Brooklyn Dodgers who ends up in the Navy in World War II and ultimately to Camp Ruston, a large POW camp just west of Ruston.

Here is an excerpt from www.playingwiththeenemy.com

Headed for baseball stardom with the Brooklyn Dodgers, Gene’s destiny was interrupted by Pearl Harbor. After playing ball for the Navy in the Azores and North Africa, Gene and his team were sent to the States for a special—and top secret—mission: guarding German sailors captured from (the submarine) U-505. Unable to field a team, Gene convinced his commander to allow him to teach the enemy how to play baseball while he and his teammates waited for the war to end so they could be called up into the Major Leagues. But Gene’s future changed irrevocably in Louisiana. His life . . . and maybe our national pastime . . . was forever altered.

It is a great book with a local connection. Most of the former POW camp is now Tech property, used as a hay pasture. There is also a movie in the works hopefully to be filmed in Louisiana.

The book is available at amazon.com, bn.com, and all the large chain bookstores.