"Another thing that's changed is how your player will make the transition into the collegiate game. With NCAA 08's Campus Legend mode, you'll start out by playing in a high school football tournament. Your first few games as a player will be played in small high school stadiums. Once your team makes it to the championship, with you leading the way, naturally, you'll get your first taste of college atmosphere when you play in a college stadium for the first time. Play your high school tournament in Tennessee, for example, and your championship game will take place at Neyland Stadium (home of the Volunteers). After each game in the tournament, you'll get a feel for your performance, as well as an idea of the various scouts that were in attendance to check you out. The higher you're rated as a performer, the more options you'll have once it comes time to commit to a Division 1-A team.
But hold on there, Mr. Superstar. Just because you actually made it onto a team doesn't mean you'll automatically have the starting job. Indeed, should you sign for a big time football school like Florida or USC, you'll likely find yourself way down the depth order at your specific position. In order to raise your profile, and fight for that starting job, you'll need to take part in the daily practice sessions during the season. You'll have ten reps to perform various plays and, based on your success, you'll earn points until you overtake the guy ahead of you on the depth chart. The good news is, you can't lose a position once you've gained it, so make sure you work hard in the early going. And of course, you'll need to balance you're personal and academic life in NCAA 08's campus legend mode. You'll need to juggle your academic work with putting time in with your nose buried in the team's playbook, as well as fitting in time with your buddies. The system will work slightly differently this year--one producer used a pick-up basketball game as an example. Should you choose to go out with your buddies and play hoops, you might play a big game and earn a small boost to your jumping ability for your next game; conversely you might also twist an ankle on the hardtop and miss your next start."

Sounds cool..
Thats for a 360, though.