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I found it on the intergoogle in this nlulm alumni newsletter from 2004: www.ulm.edu/alumni/goodnews/archives/gn02162004.pdf.

This was back when we all had the willies over the new requirement to average 15,000 for home games over a rolling 2 year period.

ULM made a definitive statement for remaining a member of Division I-A in football with the announcement that it had reached an agreement to play Arkansas five times over the next 10 years in Little Rock, Ark., with each meeting a home game for the Indians. ULM will play Arkansas at Little Rock’s War Memorial Stadium this fall and in 2006, 2008, 2010 and 2012.

I wonder if they would have signed this deal had they known that rule in question would soon be significantly relaxed from its original version.
See posts 31 & 32 above. You aren't paying attention, but I wasn't either, so we are even.:icon_wink: