This is an idea that Roger Goodell has given as a way to end a potential play stoppage and sign a new collective bargaining agreement. Might work, might not.

I like it for a few reasons:

1) They won't have a strike. It gets old listening to millionaires (pro athletes) and billionaires (pro owners) argue about who should get all the extra millions that they are milking from us. So, I'm definitely in favor of avoiding a strike.

2) There is no need to have 4 pre-season games. Starters hardly play and they are boring. Coaches don't really need the fourth game, because they have already done most of the player evaluations they need to do.

3) This is the biggie (in my opinion) but no one mentions it in the article. By adding the extra game, they might be able to argue down the road that they need an extra team to "balance things out". That way they could put a team in LA and not have to worry about the Saints leaving N.O. I'm definitely in favor of keeping the Saints in New Orleans.