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I'm already to the bolded part. In fact, I don't understand lots of things that do seem to be necessary to understand. Looking back, I don't know why I was so excited to get this degree. All I really seem to know is how much I don't really know.

Fortunately I get to keep learning.
A few thoughts for a thinking Gorilla......

* Relax...... You're doing just fine IMNHO.

* "things that seem to be necessary to understand" are often cultural red herrings.
IMNHO...... You have more than sufficient little grey cell ability to adequately sort seeds from chaff.

* Think of getting a "degree" as a rite of passage in our modern society.
Unless learning how to kill something you can eat once again becomes more important......
It's better than almost all of the alternatives.

* Once any man begins realizing "how much I don't really know", AND WILL NEVER KNOW between birth and death......
EGO begins to cease dominating any worthwhile quest.