So I've been asked before about harassing people like teatech and I wanted to explain for the record what a troll is.

Trolls are easily identifiable. There are two methods, the easiest is the first.

If you were at a bar and having the conversation that is taking place in person. Would you kick the $h!7 out of that person? If so, it's a troll. You see, normal respectful people don't call people they barely know racist in public. If they did, everybody would kick the $h!7 out of them. So they come as anonymous trolls to get out their feelings of superiority with the safety of the Internet keeping from getting the $h!7 kicked out of them.

This one is not as reliable, but more fun... Picture that person. Does he look like a total tool in your mind? If so, then he's a troll.

So let's do some testing. This is my image of Tylertechsas (who I don't think I've ever met, but may have.)

(either one of the above)
I have a feeling I could have a lot of fun with that guy.

This is how I picture Spinoza:

Well, it'd be a different kind of fun, but crazy old guys are almost always fun to hang out with. (On a side note this guy with a beret is how I picture aubinique)

This is how I picture teatech:

Hell... I may just kick the $h!7 out of that guy without the conversation.

I could go on with personality traits and posting habits or include specific postings from teatech, but I'll leave it here for tonight. I may do more on this topic later.