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I think I was probably one of the most critical of DMo if not the most critical. Unfortuantely, I should have watched with more of a wide open mind and realized the fault of his lack of production probably had more to do with our two previous coaching staffs, than how Dennis actually performed, and for that I owe DMo an apology. For the life of me, I don't know why they failed to build gameplans that would allow DMo to showcase his talent more. In my opinion, he could have been just as much a threat as Livas and could actually have helped Livas be more productive as well as the running game. Some team is going to get a very rare jewel at a very cheap price with DMo in my opinion. I'm not convinced that he isn't, probably, the biggest threat of a player to come out of Tech in awhile even though his numbers don't show it. I wish we could have seen him for at least one year in the SD/TF system as the inside receiver with his size and speed, he probably would have led all receivers.
DD, I will take 2nd place. DMo's sr season was truly fantastic towards the end of the season, no doubt. He really disappointed me until something clicked for him because the player we saw the last half of 09 was not the same player we bemoaned for having stone hands the previous two seasons. I too would love to have the motivated DMo for one more season.