Lets take it a step further:

-A&M's quarterback threw for 3,579 yards last year (against Big12 caliber competition).
-He threw 30 Touchdowns against only 8 interceptions (seems like he can toss it a bit).
-That offense averaged 465 yards per game.
-281 yards per game PASSING...you know....through the air.
-184 yards per game Rushing.
-32 points per game against some decent quality athletes.
-Their offense ranked #5 in the nation when it was said and done.

Their top three rushers were:
-RB-- C. Michael (878 yards and 5.1 per carry)
-RB-- C. Gray (784 yards and 4.8 per carry)
-QB-- J. Johnson (759 yards)....so yes, he does a bit of scrambling.

Their top 4 WR's caught 40+ catches each....With 14 different players making receptions.
The best two among them (Fuller and Freshman Nwachukwa) caught 7 and 6 touchdowns respectively. The freshman, Nwachukwa, hauled in 708 yards worth of catches at a clip of 17.7 yards per catch (he's fast). Both are over 6 foot tall, with Fuller going 6'4 and weighing about 220.

Bottomline: If you think they are one dimensional with nothing but a scrambling quarterback......you've missed the boat.