As a survivor of child molestation, I know the pain and scorn these kids are feeling. Fortunately through counseling and therapy I was just recently able to come to grips with what happened to me nearly 40 years ago. As for Joe Pa or anyone that did not go directly to a law enforcement agency to report this horiffic crime when it happened do not deserve to continue in any field of prestige and honor. This is just my personal feelings. As a "Molder of Men" Joe Pa should have at least followed up with law enforcement after no action was taken by upper administration of Penn State University. As a human being compassion for a child's suffering should make this a natural reaction not a long drawn out decision. And to allow this scum of a former coach to continue access to campus facilities up untill just a couple of days before he was arrested is simply incredulous. What would happen here in the piney woods of North Louisiana.? Just stop and think what would you have done. Especially after two situations were brought to your attention???? It simply makes me sick to my stomach to know such and "Honored and Cherished" coach did nothing to stop this predator and allowed him continual access. I hope Joe Pa can sleep at night. I pray he dosent have the nightmares I have suffered with. Some of yall here know who I am and what I do for a living. If any of you want to discuss this further please message me here or ya know how to reach me.
Bill S.