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2008 BB&B WAC Pick 'Em Contest

For those of you who are new to BB&B, and those of you who need a refresher, here is how it works.
  1. Every week we will have a list of at least 10 games being played that week (unless there is an insufficient pool of games to select from) for you to pick winners from.
    1. All games involving a WAC member school will be a part of the pool of games
    2. All games involving a TECH Out of Conference Opponent (Mississippi State, Kansas, and Army (Southeastern Louisiana will not be in the weekly pool)) will be in the pool
    3. If the above does not total at least 10 games, I will choose other games to fill out the pool which I consider to be of interest as I see fit.
  2. Scoring for correct picks will be as follows:
    1. WAC Conference Games will be worth 4 points each
    2. Games between a WAC member school and an OOC opponent will be worth 3 points
    3. Games involving Tech OOC opponents will be worth 2 points
    4. "Filler Games" (those other ones I pick ) are worth 1 point each
    5. All games involving Tech are worth only 1 point to keep the name calling and bickering at a minimum for those who pick against Tech in some games
  3. All picks are made straight up. NOT against the point spread. If you think Tech will beat Idaho, but not cover the spread, you pick Tech to win.
  4. After the completion of the games, I will post a report package showing the weekly results as well as the overall standings. You may enter the contest at any time.
  5. Prizes will be awarded to the first, second, and third place winners of the contest. First and second will receive a $100 and $50 gift certificate to Maxwell's grocery and 12 and 6 month membership to the recruiting section respectively. Third will receive a 3 month subscription to the recruiting section.
  6. If you want to change your picks prior to the deadline for entry, simply re-enter your picks. Only your most recent picks will be used for the contest.
  7. Your weekly password is your e-mail address you enter on the pick sheet. If you enter the incorrect password, you will NOT see that when you enter. I will be checking the passwords when I process the entries so try to remember what you put in on your first entry.
  8. Only your top 14 of the 16 weeks will count to the final standings. I will be using a software feature that uses only the top X number of weeks in calculating the season standings. There are 16 weeks in the contest (15 regular season and 1 for the bowls), and we will be using the top 14 weeks to determine the final standings. That lets you miss 2 weeks throughout the season and still be in the running for the total. For those of you who enter every week, think of it as 2 free do-overs. If you had an off week or two, no problem, the score for those weeks won't count.

    That's about it. We will be running this every week and through the bowl games as well. Good luck and HAVE FUN! Check back here every week for the new pick sheets and results

2008 NFL Survivor Contest
Many of you may remember that last year we ran an NFL survivor contest. We are running that contest again this year and the pick sheet is posted. The deadline for entry is Thursday this week and the rules for the contest are below. For those of you who don't know what this is, it's pretty simple. Each week you will pick the winner of 1 game and only one game. You can select from all the games being played that week, but again, you are only picking 1 team to win. The interesting part is that you can pick each team only 1 time throughout the duration of the tournament! So choose wisely which game you pick because you won't be able to select them again. The goal of the tournament is to stay alive till the end and be the last man (or woman) standing. Points mean nothing. And after 2 misses, you're out! Also, just so you know, if you fail to enter a pick in any given week, it counts as a loss. So be ready to follow this one through or else you won't last long.

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